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Olalla, Iberian ham and acorn-fed pork sausages

From the cellar to your table in 48 hours, free shipping from 75€

Artisanal cellar

Olalla hams go from the cellar to your table without intermediaries to guarantee the quality of the process.

Respect for ham

Our pigs are raised free-range in Andalusia and Extremadura and eat grasses, cereals and acorns.

30 years of history

At Olalla we have 3 decades of experience in raising and preparing quality Jabugo ham. Discover the best quality-price ham.

P.D.O. Jabugo

The Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin certifies the origin and quality of all our hams and shoulder hams.

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Buy Iberian Ham sliced by the best cutters in Spain

There is something that unites us. You have the ability to appreciate the small, delicious pleasures in life, and so do we. That's why we like the tenderness and intense flavor of Jabugo ham. In fact, we are so passionate about this delicacy that we have the best ham cutting professionals in Spain.

Our goal is to transmit the passion we have for the flavor, tradition and craftsmanship of our cellar to your table. We want to tell you, in every bite, the care with which we raise and feed grass and acorns to our pigs that live freely in the Extremaduran and Andalusian pastures.

Muestra de todo ello es la D.O.P. Jabugo de nuestros jamones y paletas. Para conseguir esta denominación de origen cuidamos absolutamente todo el proceso de obtención del producto, desde el hábitat donde viven nuestros cerdos pata negra hasta su paso por mataderos, secaderos y bodegas. Por último, también analizamos las condiciones de transporte de nuestros embutidos ibéricos para que lleguen en perfecto estado en solo 48 horas. 

Proof of all this is the P.D.O. Jabugo of our hams and shoulder hams. To obtain this designation of origin we take absolute care of the entire process of obtaining the product, from the habitat where our pata negra pigs live to their passage through slaughterhouses, ham-curing facility and cellars. Finally, we also analyze the transport conditions of our Iberian acorn-fed pork sausages so that they arrive in perfect condition in just 48 hours.

Enjoy that passion that you also feel for the flavor and quality of the delicacies of our land by tasting them in your most special moments. Let its texture and intensity come to your home. Let Olalla Jamones come to your table!

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